baked ice cream cake

So, I found my way to this entry on Omnomicon recently, discussing a method of making cake with a box of mix, three eggs, a cup of water, and two cups of ice cream. I found this very intriguing, and I decided to try it. It’s goofily easy, as you would imagine–combine ingredients, 350 for 45 in a bundt pan, enjoy.

And oh. My. Yes.
The final product reminds me of a cakey pudding, or perhaps a puddingy sort of cake. It also kind of reminds me of jellied cranberry sauce, only chocolate and bready instead of … cranberry and … the metaphor breaks down, but seeing the partitioned ring of cake quiver when I slice in to it really sells it.
We did a chocolate fudge mix with “Forbidden Chocolate” flavor ice cream, and the result is a damn fine bit of chocolate. We also bought some nice light strawberry frosting, but frankly it doesn’t need to be frosted. Next time I’m going to try a chocolate cake with a mint chocolate chip ice cream; Silver wants to try Butterfinger.
So. Healthy? No. Classy? Not really. Delicious? Oh yes. Oh my, yes.
Click through to the original for some excellently illustrative pictures as well as a very well-written food blog. You know. If you’re in to that sort of thing.

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